You did step up!

You did step up!

At our AGM and presentation function last Saturday at the Mulgrave Country Club, we gained a new President, a new Treasurer and three new members of the general committee.

Congratulations to Tania Tatterson for stepping up and taking on the role of President. Tania has put her hand up to lead the club and provide an “open glove” policy for all our members and supporters. Great work Tania!

Rachel Lennox has volunteered to take on the role of Treasurer. Thank you Rachel!

Ellen Sanchez, Karin Sluiter and Kirsty Allen all Open 1 and Open 2 players have volunteered to help on the general committee. Good job ladies!

Continuing in their positions are Carolyn DiPaola – Secretary, Sam Zsolt, Sue O’Keeffe and Lee Weller.

Exciting times ahead for the club with new faces and names to get to know.

Go Raiders!

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