Well deserved awards

Well deserved awards

At the recent AGM the following prestigious club awards were given to Darryl Morgan and Kay Williams.

Congratulations Darryl and Kay your efforts around the club are very much appreciated by everyone involved.

Club Service Award: Darryl Morgan
Darryl’s being recognised as a long-standing & enthusiastic member of Eastern Raiders, always actively assisting on the diamond with coaching and managing the bench since Kaleesha was in t-ball. He’s helped us this year with U11s, U13s and the U12 Spectacular – with trolleys, eskies & sunshades. He coaches, carries, organises gear and is an excellent example of parents getting involved. Sometimes his passion is misunderstood but his heart is absolutely genuine.

On Diamond Award: Kay Williams
Kay joined Eastern Raiders 3 seasons ago and is well known within the Waverley association for her active participation. No longer on WSA committee she still does the weekly ladders, tick-offs and runs the control room through Easter. ERSC was the beneficiary of her energy and love of softball this year as she (at first reluctantly) took on a player coach role with the Open 3 Black team, also looking after Claire’s Open 3 Red team early in the season when work commitments kept her away. Kay supported Tania in her first coaching role for the Open 4s pre Christmas and adopted the team post Christmas. Unable to get much game time herself due to a nagging knee problem, Kay still ran weekly training sessions for both Open 3 & Open 4 teams.

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