u12 Spectacular 2016

u12 Spectacular 2016

VSA U12 Spectacular

For the 5th consecutive year Eastern Raiders was represented at the Victorian Softball Association U12 Spectacular on Sunday 27th November. We combined players from our U11 and U13 teams and made room for familiar faces from Northvale to field another awesome team, playing over at the Dandenong Association grounds.

Coach: Claire Shelvey
Scorers: Jennifer & Rosie Hawkins
Junior Mentor Coaches: Brigitte Sherrin & Sienna McNicol-Darmadi
Junior Umpires: Owen Liddell & Shalana Powell

Players: Yucheng Ma, Ella & Lucas Tucker, Jessica Powell, Tamsyn Fairweather, Maddy Grbac, Hamish Liddell, Flynn Munro, Isaac Spowart, Olivia Robinson, Lily Sherrin, Alisha Gray

The rules seem to combine our U11/U13 conventions so the young players had a quick lesson on the dropped third strike and the older ones had to hold back stealing home. I enlisted the help of parents in getting our team rotations ready for each game and innings – it’s quite a task to ensure pitchers/catchers rotate outfield, outfield rotates to infield and the bench rotates onto the diamond (after all these years I have cheat sheets!). To make it easy we kept the same batting line-up all day, and just started the next game where the last one finished. Our aim was to ensure that all our players had equal opportunity and a chance to try out new skills and positions. This picture of Lily Sherrin grinning through the catcher’s mask says it all. We even had a win or two which was a bonus!

It was terrific to see our older players still participating as mentor coaches and umpires. Both Owen and Shalana were adopted by the senior blues and we’d see them on a distant diamond umpiring. Sienna really signed up for the umpiring program but jumped back on our diamond in her breaks in support of the young players. Brigitte was awesome all day, coaching from first base and the middle of the outfield. Thank you all.

A big thank you to our officials, parents and supporters for all their help and great care of the kids. Can’t wait to do it all again next year!

Congratulations to everyone on a Spectacular Sunday at Dandenong!

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