Peta Edebone inducted into the ISF Hall of Fame

Peta Edebone inducted into the ISF Hall of Fame

Click here to read the Softball Australia Press Release.

SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS from everyone at Eastern Raiders on this incredible acknowledgement of a great softballing career. Peta Edebone is known for her courage, dedication and commitment to the pursuit of success. Her list of softballing achievements for Victoria and Australia – on the national, international & Olympic stage is impressive, and we’d encourage everyone to read the full ISF press release on our website. 

Peta joined our Eastern Raiders A grade team in 2003-04 together with Nat Titcume, Julianne Hoskins and others from the previous Rebels Softball Club.  Although Peta retired from competition shortly thereafter, it’s always a pleasure to watch her in action when she’s lured back on the diamond for an occasional game.

Waverley’s annual A grade Best & Fairest medal (as voted by the umpires Brownlow-style) is named in Peta’s honour. Indeed playing the odd game for Raiders has seen Peta win points towards her own Peta Edebone Medal…

Peta’s family was enriched this past winter with the arrival of baby Olivia Louise … so we may not see her on the diamond for a while, but if you spot our A-graders huddled around a pram this summer, you’ll know what’s up.

Congratulations Peta Edebone!

  1. Nat Titcume11-03-2011

    What an absolute legend!
    Peta Edebone is one of the most inspirational players that I had the pleasure to play with. I am so honoured just to have known Pete. Peta played with passion and commitment to every ball and every moment in the game. When the game was on the line Peta would be there ready to take on the challenge and excel. Although Pete single handed won some huge games for Australia off her own bat, the word humble is what comes to mind.
    Congrats Pete on your amazing journey x

  2. Lorraine Titcume11-04-2011

    What an amazing effort.Have enjoyed knowing such a great ambassador for softball and especially Victoia and Australia.Lets hope we will see you return at some level with your precious daughter OLIVIA Louise who I am sure can be led by you.

  3. Julianne Hoskin11-06-2011

    Peta Who…. Only Jokin’

    I have been lucky enough to be a club member / state member / Aussie member and most importantly friend of Peta. I have also been lucky enough watch Peta play at the Olympics and seen that massive home run in Sydney. Great Player Well done

  4. Justine Smethurst11-13-2011

    Pete is a true hero of the game and someone I have looked up to throughout my career. A true role model for the game both on and of the field. Pete you are an amazing person and I strive to be as half as good a softballer as you were. I feel so proud and honoured to wear your number 11. Congratulations 🙂

  5. Jacinta Poole11-15-2011

    A great career full of highlights, topped off now with the highest of accolades. Congrats on what you have given to the sport of softball at the highest level, and also in your commitment to your local club games and teammates. Well done. An honour richly deserved !

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