2015 Geraldine Grisold


I submit for consideration my nomination of Geraldine Grisold for Life Membership. Geraldine is an exemplary club member in almost every way possible.
It’s likely that not everyone is aware of how important Geraldine is to our club. She is probably best known as the Open 1 and 2 team manager and sometimes-first base coach. However, she has held multiple roles in the General Committee and Match Committee, as well as volunteering in unofficial capacities. In my short time on the General Committee, I have learned that the small and mundane tasks usually go unnoticed. These are the things that keep the club running. Making sure players are in uniform, eligibility is met, club duties are done, coaches and players are being heard, trainings are happening, permits are submitted, and keys are available are just some of the tasks for which Geraldine has had responsibility.
She has also held roles for state and association representative teams. If you are a Raider on a rep team, you should make friends with Geraldine! While she works tirelessly for all the players she is responsible for, you get the feeling she has a special place for her club’s girls. When you’re having a rough game or you don’t feel like you’re getting a fair go, you can have talk to her. The thing is though, having someone to listen is not actually the most important part. What makes Geraldine a great person to talk to is her feedback, which is both honest and fair. Many people would rather not tell you when you’re not playing at your best but Geraldine is not one of them. She knows her players’ capabilities and she holds them accountable. It can be difficult to be on the receiving end of criticism, hard to admit to yourself that one more training session could have made the difference, but also can be the trigger for self-improvement. However, if you are working hard and are still not getting opportunities to improve or feel like you aren’t getting a fair go, Geraldine will be your strongest and most relentless advocate. Basically, you feel safe with her on your side.
Moving beyond all the serious stuff, Geraldine is a lot of fun! She brings an infectious laugh and cheeky sense of humour to the bench. She throws great team parties (with some wonderful help from Geoff) which build a strong sense of comradery and community. Stick around after a game for a drink with her and you’ll be smiling for the rest of the day. Softball is just fun with Geraldine around and I always notice the difference in the team when she is away.
I give her a large share of the credit for the continued existence and character of ERSC. You can definitely see it in the wonderful members she has recruited over the years. From my very first day wearing the Raiders’ red and black, Geraldine has been a huge part of my wonderful club experience. I now count her and her family among my friends and I am sure many in the club would feel the same. I’d love for ERSC to express our appreciation to her for all her hard work, time spent at the diamonds, and genuine care she shows for our club by awarding her with Life Membership.

Kind regards,
Ellen Sanchez
April 2015