Gold for our Masters over the June long weekend

Gold for our Masters over the June long weekend

Our Raiders masters were undefeated over the June long weekend Victorian Masters Championships at Werribee, and took home gold medals in the Womens E grade.  Go Raiders!

Our squad of 14 were coached by Loretta Stefanopoulos and Jess Chomley, with scorer Alli Pendlebury happy to get so much use of her green pen. The team were well supported by family, friends and Rodger the balloon mascot who bobbed about inspiring happily on the Werribee back diamonds.

This tournament included a few firsts: Raiders Masters shirts, in the style of our Open 1 tops but of course numbers start at 35. First Masters for Dana & Cindy, first with Raiders for Mok, Jen & Jenny.

The Masters event is a great weekend of fun and laughs, and we all enjoy seeing so many familiar faces around the park and getting to support all the Waverley clubs with strong representation by us, E-Jays (A), Falcons (A), Brandon Heights (B), Monash (C) and Northvale (D). The womens A grade final saw our own Mili and Rosie playing off against each other, for E-Jays and VicSens respectively.

Raiders team: Jackie Campbell, Anna Chmiel, Vicky Clarke, Sheryl Ecker, Jen Hawkins, Dana Katz, Judi Liddell, Winnie Mok, Jacqui Parker, Cindy Ritter, Jenny Scholtz, Joy Votersen, Jill Williams & Kay Williams
Coaches: Lory Stefanopoulos, Jess Chomley
Scorer: Alli Pendlebury

Round 1 vs Knox Panthers: 13-3
Round 2 vs All Stars Red: 12-2
Round 3 vs Casey 2Cans: 5-3
Round 4 vs MVP Falcons: 1-1 draw
Round 5 vs All Stars Blue: 18-4
Grand Final: vs All Stars Red: 9-3

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