ERSC / Registration & First Training Day – September 12

ERSC / Registration & First Training Day – September 12

It’s only 2 weeks to Eastern Raiders season kick off with our first training/registration day on Saturday, September 12.

There will be training and the chance to register and organise uniforms and talk to members of the match committee.

Junior training will be held at Jells Park from 10am-12pm. Just head on down to the park and look for the people dressed in red, black and white and introduce yourself.

Senior training is from 1-3pm, don’t be late as the match committee want to hold a meeting in the pavilion to run through the plans for the new season.

If you are new to Eastern Raiders, don’t be afraid, you will be welcomed with open arms and a few laughs.

And one last thing, if you haven’t done much since last season maybe you should do some pre-pre-season training.

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