Calling all Open 1 and 2 players

Calling all Open 1 and 2 players

Rodger and Geraldine invite you to Open 1 and Open 2 trials between 12 and 2pm this Saturday the 14 September at Jells Park.

The point of this exercise is for a number of reasons:

Firstly – it’s a good chance to dust off your cleats, oil your glove, roll your arm over and swing your bat – otherwise it could be embarrassing for you.

Secondly – it’s a chance for all players to have a fair and reasonable chance to trial for both teams.

Thirdly – it’s a chance for all players to discuss their personal situations and playing preferences with the Open 1 coach – Rodger Trevethan and the Match Committee – Claire, Tania and Geraldine.

So if you think you are in this category (Open 1 or 2 player), get your a… into gear and get down to training this weekend. The season is fast approaching and the Raiders committee and coaches like to be organised.

If you can’t make it (and it better be a good reason) give Rodger a call and explain why not – his number is 0408 332 470.

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