Anne gains her Level 1 to help out

Anne gains her Level 1 to help out

This is Anne Mathers receiving her Scorers Level 1 certificate from Mary Walkinshaw.  Anne’s
already working towards her Level 2 and those coloured pens.

Anne’s 3 daughters play for Raiders in Primary B/Div3, Div2 & C grade.
Andrew/husband is assistant coach for the C grade team. Rhiannon & Jessica played with the
winter team at Melbourne Association where the scorebook was thrust into Anne’s
hands, she’s taken to the task with much appreciated energy & enthusiasm.

It’s helpful parents like Anne and Andrew that assist the club to put eleven teams on the diamond each week.

Thank you for stepping up!

  1. Claire Shelvey11-07-2011

    Congratulations Anne!
    Does this mean we’ll soon have stats on our Primary B team?
    With thanks for everything you do to help me out.

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